Design team: Evangelos Theofanous (2architects) & Christos Palates

Year: 2012


An alternative mode of tourism is introduced at the Paphos region dam network that includes 8 dams (Asprokremos, Mavrocolympos, Ag. Marinas, Pomos, Argaka-Makounda, Erretou, Arminou, Kannaviou) .


Common ground will be generated on the periphery of the dams, around and inside, and the nearby villages. Cyprus has the most intricate network of dams in Europe, and dam shorelines, dam walls, water surfacecan function as important attraction points for tourists of above sea level destinations. Locals, who are already mobilized, and tourists will be activated through sports, festivals, cultural and environmental awareness events and happenings situated on leisure platforms. This strategy will move touristic interests and destinations from the beaches to an inner and higher ground of Cyprus.

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